Halmoni, a text series

“Halmoni” is a text series that Inky wrote from November 2020 to May 2021.
During this time of the pandemic and lockdown, Inky spoke with their grandma on the phone about performances taking place in Berlin, and wrote these texts.
The texts were originally published on Stream, at Tanzfabrik Berlin.
This project was funded by Dis-Tanz-Solo.

Halmoni, Part 1 & 2

Puppy’s (pronoun: it) grandma, halmoni, is 88 years old and lives in Seoul. Puppy speaks to its grandma about “it’s all love, blue spectres”, an HZT BA graduation work by Camille Jemelen.

Halmoni, Part 3

Puppy speaks to its grandma about “Healers”, a work by Jasna L. Vinovrški, presented on 31 October 2020 at Uferstudios, as a part of Open Spaces at Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Halmoni, Part 4

Puppy speaks to its grandma about performing at “Wir sind die Friedensstatue” (We are the Statue of Peace), a demonstration that happened on 25 Nov 2020, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Halmoni, Part 5

Puppy speaks to its grandma about a video, “all the delights of the earth“, made by Max Puorro (‘Poppy’), where the artist interviews their grandma after she is diagnosed with leukaemia.

Halmoni, Part 6

On Lunar New Year’s Day, Puppy watches a performance, “Searching for Home (In Berlin)”, created and performed by Hanuel Kang, as part of Unfinished Fridays Vol.73, hosted by Lake Studios Berlin. Afterwards, Puppy speaks with its grandma about the performance.

Halmoni, Part 7

After its performance at the Club for Performance Art Gallery hosted by Camila Malenchini (‘Party’), Puppy talks about love with its grandma.

Halmoni, Interlude

In celebration of its grandma’s 89th birthday, Puppy writes about fantasies and memories after watching a private performance, “Dirty Non-Dancing”, by Marga Alfeirão (‘Marky’), as a part of the Club for Performance Art Gallery hosted by Camila Malenchini (‘Party’).

Halmoni, Part 8

This is the last piece of writing in this series of Puppy talking with its grandma about and around performances taking place in Berlin. There is no triumphant resolution or grand exit.

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