Floating Roots

Tanzfabrik Berlin (2022)  (EN)  (DE)

Reviewed by The Hankyoreh and Yonhap News

I want to be tender

Fortuna Wetten, Neukölln (2022)
A one-on-one solo performance
in the frame of Lotto Royale hosted by T.E.N.T and Club for Performance Art Gallery

Gimmi one slot 

 Lake Studios Berlin (2019)
Work by Inky, musical collaboration with Mitchell Keaney

Reviewed by


Lake Studios Berlin,  JACK NYC,  The June Bug Center, Virginia (2018)
Work by Inky, Sound Engineering by Mitchell Keaney

Flower opens the door

Lake Studios Berlin (2018)
Alicia Grant & Inky

Last night I dreamed of you 

JACK, NYC (2016)
Performance by Cat Wagner, Léla Groom, Louise Benkelman, Kristopher Pourzal, Inky


Experiments on Flowers 

Lake Studios Berlin, Berlin (2017)



Dear Lover 

Dixon Place & Triskelion Arts, NYC (2015 & 2016)
Performance by Aaron Neber, Alyssa Gersony, Denise A. Stein, Inky

Waiting for a passenger / ship to go to sea

Waiting for a passenger / ship to go to sea 

 ASU Art Museum, AZ & Berkeley Art Festivals, CA (2014 & 2015)
Performance by Allyson Yoder, Angel Crissman, Eleanor Hanafin, Lacee Garcia, Inky

Reviewed by NUEbox


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.46.41 PM

Ocean Train (how to love a person) 

Center for Performance Research, NYC (2015)
Performance by Léla Groom, Emma Rose Brown, Inky
Costume design by Philip Berezney



____, ____, ____  

 Margaret Gisolo Theater,  AZ (2015)


Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 6.03.23 AM

It’s an idiotic feeling  

 Lake Studios Berlin,  Berlin (2014)
Performance by Amara McPhail & Inky


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 12.05.41 PM

I smoked in the bathtub all day, because of the snow. What is your snow?  

Margaret Gisolo Theater (2014)
Performance by: Emily Marie Harrington, Devon Spencer Morrow, Mikey Foster Estes, Alena Alexandra Merenkova, Ryan Anthony Maves, Lacee Garcia, Inky


It’s time to be free  

Phoenix Center for the Arts,  AZ (2015)
Performance by Mikey Estes & Inky


I want and I don’t or you told me I’m beautiful  

Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin & Ponderosa Dance, Stolzenhagen (2014)
Agné Auzelyte & Inky




Concept by les gens d’Uterpan (Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet)
The Chocolate Factory Theater, NYC (2014)

Reviewed by the New York Times


Note the absence, the negative space, the failures  

Margaret Gisolo Theater (2014)
Performance by Julie Akerly, Jasmine Benton, Allyson Yoder, Aaron Neber, Emily Harrington, Allison Cardon, Inky

my meat

My Meat  

Live Art Platform, AZ (2013)
Performance by Kristopher Pourzal, Alejandro Salcido, Inky


Concept by Angela Ellsworth (2014)
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts


– Earlier Works –

Work by Kristopher Pourzal. Duet (2014)
Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 8.43.18 PM
We could have done it differently – Duet by Kristopher Pourzal & Inky (2013)
Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 7.16.01 AM
Walk (2013) – Performance by Kristopher Pourzal & Inky
Educed Play (2012) – Concept by Amanda Ling  Performance by Amanda, Rossitza Todorova, Caio Vissicaro, Inky
Educed Play (2012)