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Right Now  (Tanzschreiber.de) – Artistic director and Writer
https://tanzschreiber.de/en/author/right-now/  (EN / DE)

Navigating an Archive (As a part of Homecoming – Greatest Hits!)
https://queertongue.com/NAVIGATING-AN-ARCHIVE  (EN)

Poem 1, 2, 3  (Coven Berlin)
https://www.covenberlin.com/poem-1-2-3/  (EN)

https://tanzschreiber.de/en/author/inky-lee/  (EN / DE)

Gender Rolls

Published by Archive Books (Berlin, Milano, Dakar) and Zubaan Books (New Dehli) together with The Many Headed Hydra, as a part of the project “a language where yesterday and tomorrow are the same word. kal(EN)

Looking into the muffled voices 
One by One by One  (Tanzfabrik Berlin)
As a part of “Memories and Reflections, Fall 2021”, a printed magazine.

The texts can be found online on Stream: https://www.tanzfabrik-berlin.de/en/stream (EN)

The seeds planted in us  (Dock 11 – Expanded)
https://expanded.dock11-berlin.de/Lesen23 (EN)

Leaping Over Barriers  (Tanzraumberlin Magazin, Mittel & Zweck)
https://www.tanzraumberlin.de/en/tanzbuero/trb-magazine/article/inky-lee-leaping-over-barriers/  (EN / DE)

Looking for the rocky star
(FRATZ International 2020, Race – Class – Gender, Theater o.N.)
https://www.fratz-festival.de/de/fratz-reflexionen/  (EN / DE)

Normality  (Coven Berlin)
https://www.covenberlin.com/normality/  (EN)

Freedom of Movement: Dancing in the Corona Time  (Choom:in)
http://www.sfac.or.kr/dance/#/zoom/zoom_view.asp?zom_idx=549&div=03&type=OUT  (KO / EN)

Stream  (Tanzfabrik Berlin)
https://www.tanzfabrik-berlin.de/en/stream  (EN)
Halmoni, a text series by Inky that was published on Stream can be found here.

Jeanine Durning: To Being + inging  (Time Out NY)
http://www.timeout.com/newyork/dance/jeanine-durning-to-being-inging  (EN)

Icelandic artist Shoplifter collaborates with & Other Stories  (FLAUNT magazine)
http://www.flaunt.com/content/2017/3/10/collection-icelandic-artist-shoplifter-collaborates-with-other-stories?rq=shoplifter  (EN)

Acclaimed artist Thomas Bidegain directs his first film  (FLAUNT magazine)
http://www.flaunt.com/content/people/thomas-bidegain-talks-directing-first-film?rq=thomas%20bidegain  (EN)

–  PRESS –

“말과 문화 달라 차별받는 이들끼리 ‘안전하게’ 소통하고 싶었죠”  (한겨레 / The Hankyoreh)

독일교포 1.5세대 애환 담은 퍼포먼스 ‘부유하는 뿌리’
  (연합뉴스 / Yonhap News)

Sounds of Berlin #10  (LOLA Magazine)

Waiting for a passenger / ship to go to sea  (NUEbox)

몸에 축적되는 기억, 몸으로 감각하는 지형, 몸의 발화  (춤:in)

Gimmi one slot, work in progress showing  (Tanzschreiber.de)

Putting in the Time (Mentioned as a performer, Tanzschreiber.de)